The Telegraph

The Telegraph

Founded in 1855, The Daily Telegraph, owned by The Telegraph Media Group, is one of the leaders in British press. A prestigious newspaper, The Daily Telegraph has successfully cultivated and maintained the loyalty of the United Kingdom's most affluent and influential readership.

Not only does it have more readers than any other quality daily, but it also has the highest number of "upper-lower middle class" or ABC1 readers (1.565 million). Moreover, 60% of The Daily Telegraph's readers are middle-upper class and more political leaders and business executives read products of The Telegraph Media Group than any other British publications on an average weekday. This fiercely loyal readership - 81% of whom look at no other quality daily - boasts immense spending power, averaging £100,000 per reader in combined savings and investment. (Source: Premier TGI 2009)

The Telegraph has the biggest subscriber scheme in the market. More than half of Daily Telegraph readers and two thirds of Sunday Telegraph readers are loyal subscribers. 70% of Daily Telegraph readers look at no other newspaper.

As its reader profile demonstrates, for decades The Daily Telegraph has influenced major investment and business decisions - as much at the political as at the economic level - within circles of power in the UK. The newspaper commands immense respect and loyalty, while constantly attempting to capture new readers in the UK market.

Monday-Friday circulation: 541,036

Readership: 1,346,000

Saturday circulation: 721,305

Readership: 1,743,000

Sunday circulation: 429,346

Readership: 1,372,000



A well-respected newspaper, a well-respected readership